Can yuour idea drive the future of payment?

How can you participate?

Okay, so we’ve got prizes worth competing for—now you need to know what kind of submissions we’re after. Wirecard is looking for disruptive ideas that re-imagine the way consumers pay for things.

If you want to join the Challenge, you should feel free to let your creativity run wild. Don't limit yourself! Every idea could be the next big thing in payments—so be bold and submit what you think could help us shape a new and improved financial experience for society and/or customers.

What kinds of ideas are we looking for?

Disruptive, creative ideas that can re-imagine the way we pay and take into account one or more of the following:

  • Ideas that help Wirecard support the highly mobile lifestyle of our future users—either consumers or society in general
  • Ideas that put the customer or society at the center of the purchase journey, engaging them by building trust, adding significant value and rewarding their business
  • Ideas that incorporate and apply new technologies such as Artifical Intelligence, Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality, and/or the Internet of Things into payments to solve customer pain points

What are we not looking for?

  • Incremental improvements on payment concepts that exist today, such as mobile wallets or mobile payment apps—ideas should be completely fresh concepts
  • How can we balance security with convenience to create better payment methods?
  • Submission of ideas or new technologies without an explanation of how these solve a current problem or how they make things better

How will the ideas be judged?

Winners will be chosen based on three main criteria:


Show us something completely new that you’ve come up with based on your own unique experiences and the challenges you’ve come across with payment in your own life. This is about disrupting the norm and rethinking the way things work.


Your idea should have a significant impact on consumers or society in general. When developing your concept, try to keep that in mind: We want to create solutions that will have a positive influence on consumers’ lives.


When all is said and done, your submission should have the potential to grow into something big. We’re looking for ideas that start new conversations about payment and can have real impact on the payment industry.

Who can take part in the Challenge?

Everyone is welcome to take up the Challenge. We are especially interested in students, young professionals and entrepreneurs. You can participate as an individual or as a team of up to three people. For more information about team requirements, scroll down to our FAQ section.

Frequently Asked

Is the Challenge taking place online or in-person?

    The Wirecard Innovation Challenge has several stages and involves digital and in-person participation. First, starting 16th September, the platform opens and participants can register in the log-in space. This is where the idea template will be accessible for you to submit your sketch and description. A panel of evaluators will review the ideas and select the Top 3. The Top 3 finalists will be invited to pitch their idea at a live event in Munich, where one Grand Prize winner will be chosen.

What are the selection criteria?

We will look at originality, value and potential.

What constitutes a “team”?
  • Any person that wants to submit an idea or join a team must register.
  • You are welcome to register and then see if there is a team that you want to join if you are not sure about submitting an idea.
  • You can submit an idea individually or with a team
  • A team can consist of up to three people.
  • One team member must speak English. This is because the Live Pitch will be held in English.
  • If you submit as an individual and you are selected for the Live Pitch, you will travel alone and represent yourself. The same for the Grand Prize: you will travel to the global tech conference on your own.
  • If you would like to have a team, then we highly recommend finding members that are interested in the topic and can represent your idea well. Ideally, their level of English should be strong as well. This is because there will be a lot of networking opportunities at both the Live Pitch and the Grand Prize trip, so we prefer to ensure that both Wirecard and your idea are represented well.
  • Please note that when the platform closes for ideas, the team submission is closed as well. This means that your team must be in place by then, if you want one.
  • You are welcome to invite participants that you do not know so well to join your team. Just be aware that the Live Pitch and Grand Prize require a lot of travel and time together!